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Other Types of Leave

Bereavement Leave

Sick leave may be used in reasonable amounts for illness, injury or death within your immediate family, pending supervisory approval.

Compensatory Leave

Details on overtime compensatory leave, regular compensatory leave, and special compensatory leave

Sabbatical and Professional Development Leaves

Please see the Office of the Provost’s website for details.

Administrative Leave

Details regarding the special circumstances under which administrative leave may be granted.

Domestic Violence Leave

Under Florida law, employers must provide employees up to 3 days of leave in a 12-month period if an employee or a family or household member is a victim of domestic violence.

Jury Duty and Court Appearances

An employee who is summoned to jury duty will be granted paid leave for all hours required for such duty, not to exceed the number of hours in the employee’s normal workday.

Military Leave

Details on and procedures for the various forms of military leave

Post Doc Leave

Details on leave for Postdoctoral Associates

Extended Leave of Absence

Encompasses forms of leave with or without pay that last longer than 15 consecutive workdays

Leave and State Transfers

An employee may transfer up to 80 hours of vacation leave and 80 hours of sick leave when transferring from another university in the Florida State University System, a State of Florida agency, or from Santa Fe College.

Termination Procedures

Follow these when a USPS or TEAMS employee in your department terminates employment with UF.