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Termination Procedures

Please follow these procedures when a TEAMS or USPS employee, or vacation-accruing faculty member in your department terminates employment with the University of Florida.

Payment of Unused Vacation Leave Procedures *

  • TEAMS and USPS employees and vacation leave-accruing faculty (out-of-unit) will be paid for up to a lifetime maximum of 200 hours unused vacation leave. Vacation-accruing faculty covered by the collective bargaining unit will be paid for up to a lifetime maximum of 352 hours unused vacation leave. Please note: USPS employees are not required to attain permanent status in order to be eligible for payment of unused vacation leave.
  • If an eligible employee is deceased, the employee’s beneficiary will be paid the employee’s entire vacation leave balance.

In the event of an employee’s death please email benefits@ufl.edu and provide the following information:  Employee name and UFID, date of death, contact information for next of kin, and departmental contact information.

Terminate the Employee’s Appointment in the UF Employee Information File

  • Terminations are executed through ePAF as a “Change Employment Status.”
  • A copy of the letter of resignation must be submitted to Employment and Classification for second level job action approval
  • For the leave cashout procedure, please visit this link.

During the Last Pay Period an Employee Works

  • The departmental payroll processor should verify that all leave entries and time-worked hours have been reported to ensure proper leave settlement.

During the Pay Period Following the Employee’s Termination

  • On the Friday evening following the end of the pay period (which end on Thursdays at 12:00 midnight), PeopleSoft automatically will credit the employee with the appropriate leave accrual. The accrual, based on the number of hours paid in the pay period, is added to the employee’s leave balances.
  • On the Monday following the end of the pay period, the departmental administrator or payroll processor should verify if the employee’s pay and leave accrual is accurate.
  • The departmental payroll processor should verify that the employee’s appointment has been terminated in the Job Data under Workforce Administration (Workforce Administration > Job Information > Job Data) and that the effective date is the day following the last day employee worked. If the job action has been approved, then the employee can be paid his/her vacation and/or sick leave settlement. Please note: The vacation and/or sick leave settlement cannot be processed until all salaried appointments have been terminated in PeopleSoft.

* Leave Payout through the Special Pay Plan
The Special Pay Plan is a mandatory retirement plan available to salaried (non-OPS) employees for sick and vacation payments at the time of separation.