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Domestic Violence Leave

Under Florida law, employers must provide employees up to 3 days of leave in a twelve-month period if the employee or a family or household member is a victim of domestic violence. The fiscal year of July 1 to June 30 will be considered the 12-month period.

Activities Covered by the Leave

An employer must provide leave for the following specific activities:

  • Seeking an injunction for protection against domestic violence or repeat violence, dating violence, or sexual violence;
  • Obtaining medical care or mental health counseling or both for the employee or a family or household member to address injuries resulting from domestic violence;
  • Obtaining services from victims services organizations such as a domestic violence shelter or rape crisis center;
  • Making the employee’s home secure from the perpetrator of domestic violence or finding a new home to escape the perpetrator;
  • Seeking legal assistance to address issues arising from domestic violence or attending or preparing for court related proceedings arising from the act of domestic violence.

Advanced Notice

Except in cases of imminent danger to the health or safety of an employee, or to the health or safety of a family or household member, an employee seeking leave from work under this section must provide his or her employer advanced notice of the leave.

Type of Leave

The employee is required to use accrued leave. In the event that the employee does not have sufficient leave hours to cover the event, the leave that is not covered will be unpaid.

Employer Responsibilities

All information relating to the leave is confidential and exempt from disclosure. This information should be provided to Central Leave, which will maintain any documentation in the Human Resources Department, separate from the employee’s official personnel file.

Under no circumstances can the employer take any disciplinary action against the employee related to the use of the domestic violence leave.