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Leave cash-out

Who is eligible to receive a leave cash-out?

UF Employees who are moving out of a vacation leave-accruing position or are separating from the University (due to resignation, dismissal or retirement) are entitled to a cash-out of unused vacation leave hours accrued as of the end of the last pay period in which they worked for UF up to a lifetime maximum amount.

Employee’s in the State Pension plan may choose to take a portion or all of the cash-out to which they are entitled when they retire if and when they enter the DROP program.

What is a lifetime maximum?

A lifetime maximum is the greatest amount of leave that can be cashed out for an employee during any employment at UF. These levels are determined by your appointment classification:

  • TEAMS, USPS, Faculty — 200 hours
  • In-Unit Faculty* — 352 hours

Effectively, the lifetime maximum means that if you have received a cash-out from previous employment at UF, that amount is deducted from your maximum, resulting in the new maximum entitlement. The Holiday Leave Cash-out is a totally separate program; any amount received in any year will not affect the separation cash-out entitlement.

*In-Unit Faculty may also be eligible for cash-out of some portion of their Sick Leave balance. See the Collective Bargaining Agreement for more details.

How do I request my cash-out?

You are not required to take any action to start the process, although, you are encouraged to ensure that your time has been entered correctly through your last working day to avoid any delay.

The cash-out is generally requested through an ePAF that is submitted by a Payroll or HR Professional within your unit. The request can be initiated no sooner than the week after the end of the last pay period in which you held an active, leave-accruing appointment at UF.

Faculty who are due to receive a cash-out after moving to a new position that does not accrue vacation leave (e.g., a 12- to 9-month appointment transition), are able to request a delay in the cash-out of up to 2 calendar years from the date of the employment change. In such a case, you would work directly with your unit to make this request.

How will I receive my cash-out?

By University of Florida regulation, the method and timing of receiving the cash-out will depend upon the gross value of the payment. You can calculated this by multiplying the hourly rate listed in the earnings section of your payslip by the number of hours you anticipate receiving via cash-out:

Direct Deposit

  • Cash-out < $5000
  • Average processing time 4-6 weeks
  • Payment sent electronically to the banking information on file
  • Subject to state retirement contribution, supplemental federal withholding

Special Pay Plan

  • Average processing time 6-8 weeks
  • Cash-out >= $5000
  • Payment sent via a one-time, tax deferred retirement contribution
  • A 401(a) account will be established with Fidelity Investments, who will contact you via USPS with more information regarding your account
  • Through the SPP employees may invest, rollover, or distribute funds

How long can I continue to use my leave?

Employees scheduled to separate from UF can continue to use their leave with supervisor approval through their last active date at the University. Employees may even request to use leave time to cover a significant portion of the end of their appointment. This is a great option for employees who are hoping to extend their eligibility for benefits like health insurance or those with high leave balances who are hoping to use more time before leaving UF.

Please note: not all reasons for receiving a cash-out will allow employees to take advantage of this use of leave. If you have resigned your position or retiring UFHR recommends that up to four weeks be considered upon request, but the amount approved is determined solely by your department.

Further Questions?

Please contact our team via email to central-leave@ufl.edu or give us a call at 352- 392-2477.