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Holidays and Personal Leave Days

Leave-accruing Academic Personnel, USPS, and TEAMS employees are eligible for ten paid holidays each year. All full-time leave-accruing Academic Personnel, TEAMS, and USPS employees earn eight hours of holiday pay as long as they are in pay status for a reasonable portion of their last regularly scheduled workday before the holiday. (Your supervisor determines what is a reasonable portion of the workday.) Part-time employees are entitled to holiday time in proportion to their FTE.

Personnel receiving workers’ compensation salary indemnification payments are not entitled to holiday pay or special compensatory leave in conjunction with a holiday.

2019 Holidays

  • New Year’s Day – Tuesday, January 1
  • Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday – Monday, January 21
  • Memorial Day – Monday, May 27
  • Independence Day – Thursday, July 4
  • Labor Day – Monday, September 2
  • UF Homecoming –  Friday, October 4
  • Veterans Day – Monday, November 11
  • Thanksgiving – Thursday, November 28 & Friday, November 29
  • Christmas – Wednesday, December 25

2020 Holidays

  • New Year’s Day – Wednesday, January 1
  • Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday – Monday, January 20
  • Memorial Day – Monday, May 25
  • Independence Day – Friday, July 3
  • Labor Day – Monday, September 7
  • UF Homecoming – TBA
  • Veterans Day – Wednesday, November 11
  • Thanksgiving – Thursday, November 26 & Friday, November 27
  • Christmas – Friday, December 25

Holiday Closing Period

Vacation-accruing Academic Personnel and TEAMS employees are eligible for four personal leave days per year (32 hours assuming full-time status). Personal leave days are intended to give flexibility to enable units to close during the period of December 26 to 31 when possible. Certain units on campus will have to remain open; this is determined on a unit-by-unit basis by a department’s vice president or designee.

The four personal leave days will be credited to eligible Academic Personnel and TEAMS employees on December 2 of each year; however, an Academic Personnel or a TEAMS employee must be in pay status for at least a reasonable portion of his or her last scheduled workday before December 25 in order to be eligible to use these days off from work. An Academic Personnel or a TEAMS employee’s FTE as of December 26 should be used to determine the appropriate benefit.

Employees who will be required to work due to the nature of their job duties during this period are considered “essential.” Employees who will be off are designated “non-essential.”

  • Non-essential TEAMS employees and Academic Personnel must use the personal leave days in full-day increments (an 8-hour day for full-time employees, a 4-hour day for .50 FTE employees, etc.) during December 26 to 31, inclusive.
  • Non-essential USPS employees may be required to use vacation leave or leave without pay, as appropriate. If a non-essential USPS employee does not have sufficient vacation leave to cover the time period, the employee may request advanced vacation leave and, upon request, the employee’s department is obligated to provide it.
  • Essential TEAMS and Academic Personnel employees who are required to work between December 26 and 31 may use their personal leave days in any increment (at the department’s discretion) from December 2 of each year through the end of that fiscal year. Please note: In the event a TEAMS or Academic Personnel employee who is initially designated essential personnel is later determined to be non-essential after using his or her personal leave days between December 2 and 24, he or she must use vacation leave or leave without pay during the December 26 to 31 period.
  • During the period from December 2 through the end of the fiscal year, if an employee’s time worked, holiday, and personal leave days in a workweek exceeds the employee’s FTE, then the hours for the personal leave days shall be reduced to ensure the employee is not compensated more than his or her FTE.

Departments with OPS staff may adjust work schedules either before or after the holiday break to allow OPS staff to make up work time as needed. Work hours for OPS are reported to the state of Florida/People First biweekly and are later evaluated over specific measurement periods to determine health benefits eligibility.  Time off during the holiday break for OPS will result in no work hours being reported to People First for this period of time and may later impact eligibility determined by the state.

USPS employees are not eligible for the four personal leave days in December and may be required to use vacation or accrued compensatory leave during the holiday closing period if a department is closed, or upon supervisory request. In the event a USPS employee does not have accrued vacation leave to cover the period, he or she may request that vacation leave be advanced to cover that absence, in which case the department is obligated to provide such leave. The holiday closing period is the only time during which vacation leave may be advanced. USPS employees may also elect to use leave without pay during this time.

USPS Personal Holidays

In addition to paid holidays, permanent USPS employees receive one paid “personal holiday.” If you are a part-time USPS employee, your personal holiday is in proportion to your current FTE. A personal holiday is credited to eligible USPS employees at the beginning of each fiscal year, and it must be taken by the end of each fiscal year. It must be taken as a full day, not in hourly increments.