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Flextime is a work option when an employee of the university works an approved alternate work schedule that enables completion of the traditional 40 hours per week in fewer or more than five full workdays. Flextime may include varying the time of day an employee works, the days of the week an employee works, or both. Departments must ensure that flextime is administered consistently and equitably within the department and that flextime arrangements conform to university policy and collective bargaining agreements.

The University of Florida supports the concept and use of flexible scheduling of employee work hours. In establishing flextime, the department has the discretion to determine if staffing coverage is adequate and sufficient to meet the operating requirements of the department. Flextime should not cause a reduction in the levels of service presently being provided.


Can my department change my flextime work schedule once it is established?

  • The department may, at its discretion, implement, continue, discontinue, or modify flextime work schedules. Employees should, however, be given a two-week notice prior to changing their schedule.

Can my flextime work schedule require me to work more than 40 hours per week?

  • The normal work week of 40 hours shall be observed. No flextime schedule shall be approved requiring more than 40 hours of actual work in a workweek. Overtime, if worked by a nonexempt employee, must be compensated at one and half.

Can my flextime work schedule require me to work less than 40 hours per week?

  • Alternate work schedules, such as rotating shifts, compressed workweek, etc., may be developed to allow departments to provide services outside traditional hours of work or to meet employee needs; however, such schedule adjustments may not result in an employee’s working fewer than his/her prescribed hours during a workweek or pay period.

How long am I allowed for a lunch break when working a flextime work schedule?

  • Employees at the university work a variety of schedules and are permitted varying amounts of time for lunch depending upon their regular working schedule. Typically, a lunch break is minimally 30 minutes long and is set by the supervisor.

Can my department require me to work certain “core” hours?

  • Core hours may be established by departments and are the hours during which all employees must be on the job.

Will my paid leave accruals change when working a flextime work schedule?

  • Computation of vacation/overtime/sick leave is the same for employees working flextime as for those working a standard schedule and is based on actual hours worked in the UF workweek of Friday through Thursday.

How many hours of holiday time am I allowed to use?

  • The maximum holiday leave benefit an employee can use is eight hours. Therefore, even if an employee typically works a ten-hour day, he or she will only be entitled to an eight-hour holiday benefit.

What if a holiday falls on my normal day off?

  • If a holiday falls on an employee’s normal day off, he or she is still eligible for that holiday benefit leave time. The employee, with agreement from the department, may use that benefit time on another normally scheduled work day, typically within the same workweek.