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Leave Cash-Out Eligibility & Calculator

Calculate your Cash-Out

On this page you can find instructions, details, and a calculator to help you estimate your leave cash-out.

1. Review Eligibility & Lifetime Maximums

Start by reviewing the your eligibility and leave cash-out maximums for your employment type.

Both TEAMS and USPS staff have a lifetime maximum cash-out amount of 200 hours of vacation time.

Law Enforcement
  • If you are a Law Enforcement Officer or Sergeant your lifetime maximum cash-out amount is 200 hours of vacation time.
  • If you are a Law Enforcement Lieutenant your lifetime maximum cash-out amount is 352 hours of vacation time.
  • For Law Enforcement Officers, Sergeants, or Lieutenants, if you were hired prior to 1/1/2017 and retiring you may also cash-out 1/4 of your sick leave, up to 480 hours. Find more details about this in the NCFPBA Collective Bargaining Agreement.
What is a lifetime maximum?
A lifetime maximum is the greatest amount of leave that can be cashed out for an employee during any employment at UF. These levels are determined by your appointment classification.

If you separated from employment at the University of Florida and received a cash-out it could impact the total amount you are eligible to receive now. You can email central-leave@ufl.edu to determine the amount of your prior cash-out.

2. Reviewing Your Hourly Rate

Once you have determined your eligibility and the lifetime cash-out maximum for your position use your hourly rate listed on your paycheck in the calculator below to get an estimate of your cash-out.

  • If you need to review your hourly rate you can find it visiting myUFL. Once there navigate to My Self Service > Payroll and Compensation > View Paycheck to view your pay check and hourly rate.
  • If you are College of Medicine Faculty and your position is funded by Academic Enrichment Funds (AEF) make sure you are combining all of your hourly rates when estimate your cash-out. If you do not know if your position is funded by AEF please reach out to your HR Liason.

Leave Cash-out Calculator

Per University of Florida regulation, the method and timing of receiving the cash-out will depend upon the total amount of the payment.

Hourly Rate:
Leave Hours:
Your estimated cash-out is $
If your cash-out is under $5,000…
If your cash-out is under $5,000 payment will be sent electronically to the banking information you have on file.

  • An employee may make changes their banking information by first visiting my.ufl.edu and then navigating to My Self Service > Payroll and Compensation > Direct Deposit
  • The amount is subject to state retirement contribution and supplemental federal withholding.
If your cash-out is over $5,000…
If your cash-out is over $5,000 payment will sent via a one-time, tax deferred retirement contribution account.

  • This policy is outlined in the Special Pay Plan.
  • A 401(a) account will be established with Fidelity Investments to receive these funds once you request your cash-out. Fidelity Investments will contact you by mail with more information regarding your account.
  • Through the Special Pay Plan employees may invest, rollover, or distribute these funds.
  • Visit my.ufl.edu to make sure your mailing address is current since this is the information that will be provided to Fidelity when establishing the account. If you need to update this information after requesting the cash-out please contact Fidelity Investments directly.

This calculator is simply to provide an easy way to get an estimate of your leave cash-out and not a guarantee of funds.

3. Request Your Cash-out or Confirm Cash-out Status

To request your cash-out contact your department’s HR Liason and they will initiate the request for a cash-out. They will be your contact throughout the process and can let you know once the cash-out is initiated as well as confirm it’s status.

Please note that once the cash-out has been requested it can take up to 4-6 weeks to process.

Find your HR Liason

Contacting Fidelity Investments

If your cash-out was over 5k and distributed to a Fidelity Investments account you may invest, roll over, or distribute these funds. Once the account is established you can reach out to Fidelity Investments directly with any questions through their UF contact portal.

Fidelity Investments – UF Contact Portal

Cash-out Flow Chart


Further Questions?

Please contact our team via email at central-leave@ufl.edu or give us a call at 352-392-2477.