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Cashout Procedure

Guidelines for Leave Cashout through ePAF

As of April 24, 2006, all leave cashouts (except for the fiscal year-end cashout described above) for USPS, TEAMS, and Academic Personnel should now be requested using the appropriate ePAF rather than using the Personnel Transaction Form and Change Order/Form 250.

While paper forms can no longer be accepted to initiate cashouts for eligible employees, the Office of Recruitment & Staffing and Academic Personnel still require the appropriate documentation to approve related job actions—such as termination.

To ensure leave cashouts are paid accurately and expediently, please see the following:

  • The responsible department administrator (typically the payroll processor) should begin by verifying the employee’s leave balance prior to initiating the cashout. Has all used leave been entered? Are there any outstanding 60-day requests for adjustments? This information should be taken into account by the department when completing the ePAF. Note: It is the department’s responsibility to verify leave balances; UF Benefits will verify the employee’s or faculty member’s eligibility for cashout.
  • If the hours indicated on the form are different from the balance in myUFL, a brief explanation must be included in the comments field on the ePAF to explain the difference. If clarifying comments are not provided, the form will be recycled back to the department for explanation.
  • The effective date and the reason on the ePAF also must match the effective date and the associated job action in myUFL. If they do not, the form will be recycled for correction.
  • Enter the number of leave hours to be cashed out in the appropriate “Cash Amt” fields.
  • Only the number of sick leave hours to be cashed out at the one-fourth rate should be entered in the “Sick Cash Amt” field, if employee or faculty member is eligible to receive.

When an employee is eligible to receive a leave cashout due to his or her leaving the university:

  • Best Practice: Submit the ePAF during the pay period following the pay period in which the employee terminated to give the system time to post the final leave accruals and/or adjustments made during the prior pay period.

When an employee is eligible to receive a leave cashout because he or she is moving from a leave-accruing position to a non-leave accruing position:

  • Some forecasting of the amount of accrued leave may be required to take into account vacation and/or sick leave eligible for cash out.
  • When an employee or faculty member moves from a 12-month appointment to a non-vacation leave accruing appointment such as a 9-month appointment, the cash-out reason is “ChgContDur,” which stands for Change Contract Duration.

When a non-exempt employee or USPS exempt employee moves to another department:

  • Overtime and/or special compensatory leave needs to be cashed out.
  • The reason for this cash out is “Transfer.”
  • The employee’s current department (from which the employee is exiting) must submit the ePAF to cash out the employee’s unused compensatory leave prior to the new department submitting the ePAF to hire the employee.
  • The exiting department must indicate the effective date of the other department’s hire into the comments field. If it is not indicated, the form will be recycled for the information.
  • In the event an employee accrues additional compensatory leave after the ePAF for the new hire has been submitted, the employee’s former department should work with UF Benefits to cash out these hours manually.

When the cashout is due to the death of an employee or a faculty member:

  • The ePaf will be processed as normal after department has received confirmation from Central Leave that Payroll Services has been notified the employee’s death. At such a time, all future payments will be set up to issue to the “Estate of” the deceased employee.
  • Employee who die while active employees are entitled to their entire vacation leave balance, regardless of whether this amount is in excess of the lifetime maximum.


  • If the cashout needs to be charged to an account other than what is available on your list or at a different rate, you may use the comment field to indicate such change; however, the distribution field on the form must be filled out or else the system will not allow you to submit the form.
  • Currently, for faculty members who are also compensated from Academic Enrichment Funds (AEF), please continue to submit Form 251-Academic Personnel Transaction Form for Faculty Paid from AEF to UF Benefits at P.O. Box 115001. Communication will be made when the new process has been developed.

Please use caution when entering information in the comments field since it is kept permanently; therefore, please do not state any confidential information that is FMLA- or medically related.

For more information view the Leave Entitlement & Cashout Chart.

Please direct any leave cashout questions for USPS, TEAMS, or Academic Personnel to UF Benefits at 392-2477 or email benefits@ufl.edu.