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FLARE is designed to be user friendly so you are not wasting your valuable time searching endlessly for the information you need.

The FLARE site is broken down into five key areas:

  • My UF Benefits: topics specifically concerning information on UF and state benefit programs
  • Budgeting & Savings: topics concerning the management of everyday finances
  • Intelligent Investing: topics concerning the basics of investing your money wisely to gain the most benefit in the long run
  • Life Events: topics concerning how to adjust to the various stages and changes of life, both planned and unplanned, which require more specific financial planning
  • Retirement Readiness: covers the more specific topics relating to retirement preparation, especially as your own retirement approaches.

Be sure to check the FLARE site often for new information. We will be frequently updating the information available as well as adding new resources as we come across things we think employees will value.

Sign up for the FLARE Listserv. We will periodically send out valuable information, relevant articles, and current events of interest. This will ensure that you are up to date on the latest FLARE news.

Finally, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about FLARE or the individual resources available. There is a Contact Us icon on the FLARE home page which will allow you to email the UF Retirement department directly and receive a personal response in a timely manner.