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FLARE (Financial Literacy & Retirement Education)





FLARE, Financial Literacy and Retirement Education, is a resource being offered to University of Florida employees to assist in financial and retirement planning needs. The goal of FLARE is to provide the information you need to make educated decisions regarding personal finances and alleviate one more stressor in your daily life.

It is more important than ever to save for retirement, and it is never too soon to start. However, we understand that there are many other matters that seem to take precedence over long-term planning. FLARE offers resources that will help you find the necessary balance between making ends meet today and planning for a comfortable future.

By narrowing down the overwhelming amount of information available and compiling it in one convenient location, we hope to help you find exactly what you need when you need it.

Getting Started

The Getting Started with FLARE page introduces the FLARE topics and includes links to the specific subject areas. You can register for FLARE courses on the Learn and Grow website.

FLARE Listserv

The FLARE Listserv provides to UF employees the most current information regarding financial and retirement planning needs. Requests for subscriptions are screened by Benefits staff and only UF employees will be permitted to register for the Listserv.

FLARE ListServ

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