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Whether you are a new hire, preparing for open enrollment, or just learning more about your benefits package, there are a few ways for you to explore your benefits options.

Benefits Eligibility & Employee Classification

UF is a complex institution with many types, or classifications, of employees.  Benefits eligibility is determined by your employee classification. Find out more about benefits available to you here.

Comparison Charts

Maybe you’d prefer to compare benefits plans using a chart. These handy charts compare plan details, including what each covers, at a glance. Remember, you may not be eligible for all plans shown—be sure to check the eligibility page to find your employee classification and all the plans for which you’re eligible.

2022 Health Insurance Plans
Life Insurance Plans – Coming Soon
Dental Plans

State of Florida Plans

Eagles Direct Reimbursement Dental Plan

Vision Plans
Other Supplemental Plans

Eligible Dependents*

Have questions about coverage for dependents? See the Eligible Dependents page.

* If the UF employee and their spouse work for a State of Florida agency, they may be eligible to participate in the state’s Spouse Program and pay less for health insurance.

Benefits Eligibility Calculator

Use our benefits eligibility calculator below to discover the suite of benefits available to you.