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GatorGradCare health insurance is available exclusively to Graduate Assistants, Teaching Assistants, and Research Assistants on appointment (.25 FTE or greater) at the University of Florida.

Enrollment is not automatic. Plan participants must re-enroll by the enrollment deadline of September 14 to continue coverage each academic year they are eligible for coverage.

General Information

For specific GatorGradCare plan information, please visit GatorCare’s GatorGradCare page.

For general GatorCare information, please visit http://gatorcare.org

Medical Benefits Administration – Florida Blue
Pharmacy Benefits – Magellan Pharmacy Solutions
Plan Name: – GatorGradCare
Group Number – 78358
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Participant Eligibility Requirements

University of Florida graduate assistants, teaching assistants, and research assistants appointed .25 FTE or greater may participate in the GatorGradCare health insurance plan.

To ensure that graduate assistants meet the above eligibility criteria, hiring departments must ensure the following:

  • The GA, TA, or RA appointment must occur via the Letter of Appointment (LOA) process in PeopleSoft, and all Letter of Appointment criteria met
  • Active GA, TA or RA job with .25 or greater FTE entered in PeopleSoft
  • The GA receives a stipend as a bi-weekly paycheck from the appropriate UF account

Graduate assistant eligibility for GatorGradCare is reviewed before coverage is loaded with the insurance company. This process begins after drop/add. Plan participants will receive an eligibility confirmation email notice from Florida Blue once verification has been completed.

If a plan participant experiences a medical emergency before their eligibility is confirmed, they may contact the GA Benefits Office at (352) 392-0003 or by email gabenefits@admin.ufl.edu.


Enrollment is not automatic; graduate assistants must submit a GatorGradCare enrollment application each academic year.

Enroll Online Here


Eligible graduate assistants may enroll in GatorGradCare during the specified enrollment periods only and enrollments cannot be accepted after the enrollment deadline.

The enrollment deadlines for the plan are as follows:

Coverage Period Enrollment Deadline
Annual Enrollment September 14
Spring Enrollment January 30
Summer Enrollment May 16


Students who miss the GatorGradCare enrollment deadline or are not eligible for GatorGradCare may be eligible to enroll in the UF student health insurance plan available through UnitedHealthcare StudentResources. For more information regarding the student insurance plan, please contact the UF Health Compliance Office by calling (352) 294-2925 or emailing healthcompliance@shcc.ufl.edu.

Confirmation Email
Enrollees should retain the INSURANCE REQUEST CONFIRMATION email received after successfully submitting the online GatorGradCare enrollment application.

Effective Dates of Coverage

The GatorGradCare coverage effective dates are as follows:

Coverage Period Effective Date
Annual August 16
Spring January 1
Summer May 16


GatorGradCare coverage terminates at the end of the month in which the GA job terminates. Coverage termination dates may be adjusted in the following cases:

  • Participant gains coverage through another UF-sponsored health insurance plan–GatorGradCare coverage termination date may be adjusted to coordinate with the effective date of the new or reactivated UF-sponsored plan.
  • Participant gains group health insurance under an employer or government subsidized health plan–GatorGradCare may be terminated at the end of the month following qualifying event date. Required documentation and paperwork must be submitted within 60 days of the event.

Note: New and returning GatorGradCare plan participants must submit an online enrollment application by the September 14, 2019 deadline to enroll in coverage for the 2019-2020 academic year. ENROLLMENT IS NOT AUTOMATIC. Elections made during Fall Annual Enrollment are effective August 16.

Coverage terminates 8/15/19 for participants with active Summer 2019 coverage who do not re-enroll for the 2019-2020 academic year and participants who are no longer eligible for GatorGradCare in Fall 2019.

ID Cards

ID cards are mailed to your local home mailing address and arrive about 2 weeks after coverage is loaded for the first time with Florida Blue. Please note the following:

  • Florida Blue does not issue separate ID cards for dependents covered under your insurance plan. You will receive two ID cards in your name and dependents will use your insurance card information. Medical providers and pharmacies are able to confirm the dependent coverage using the ID card.
  • You may order additional cards or print a temporary card after you create an online account at www.floridablue.com. Information regarding creating your online account is found below.
  • Please notify gabenefits@admin.ufl.edu if your mailing address needs to be updated.

Creating Your Online Account with Florida Blue

Plan participants may view claims details, order additional ID cards, and print temporary ID cards online at www.floridablue.com by logging in to MyBlueService after creating an online account.

Participants must have their member ID number to create the Florida Blue online account. The member ID will be available through Florida Blue Customer Service a few days after eligibility is confirmed by the University of Florida. Florida Blue Customer Service can be reached by calling (800) 664-5295.


The cost of individual (employee only) coverage is $10 monthly per the Collective Bargaining Agreement between UF Board of Trustees and the Graduate Assistants United (GAU). This premium will be collected through bi-weekly payroll deduction.

UF will pay the balance of the employee-only GatorGradCare annual premium ($2,674) on the GA’s behalf. Departments will need to use the appropriate Fringe Benefit Pool Rate to budget for GA benefits costs.

Graduate assistants who include coverage for their dependent(s) on their online enrollment are responsible for the dependent premium. Beginning in Fall 2019, dependent premiums will be collected through bi-weekly payroll deductions.

2019-2020 Annual GatorGradCare Dependent Premiums (effective 8/16/19 to 8/15/20)
Spouse/Partner $2,362
Child(ren) $2,141
Family (Spouse/Partner +Child(ren)) $4,508

Please see the section entitled “Dependent Coverage” for additional information.

Dependent Coverage

Eligible dependents include the graduate assistant’s spouse or domestic partner and dependent child(ren) up to 26 years of age. Dependent documentation (birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.) may be requested by UF Benefits and failure to submit requested documentation may result in termination of dependent coverage.

Enrollees may elect dependent coverage at the time of enrollment. All elections on the online enrollment are final. Once the enrollment is submitted, changes to dependent coverage level can be made only within 60 days of a qualifying event. Please see the Qualifying Status Change section below for additional information.

Qualifying Status Changes

Outside of the initial enrollment submission for GatorGradCare, plan participants may make a change to the plan coverage level only if they experience a qualifying status change (QSC.)

Plan participants are responsible for reporting any qualifying status events and submitting the appropriate documents to GA Benefits Office within 60 days of the event. Qualifying status events include the following changes in family or employment status:

  • Birth, adoption, or legal guardianship
  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Death of spouse or dependent
  • Involuntary gain/loss of eligibility for other group health insurance

If adding dependent coverage based on a QSC, the change to your coverage level is effective on the qualifying event date. If removing dependent coverage or terminating coverage based on a QSC, the change to the coverage level is effective on the first of the month following the qualifying event date.

The enrollment form and supporting documentation for the qualifying event must be provided to the GA Benefits Office within 60 days of the event date.

The premiums for adding dependent coverage based on a QSC are the graduate assistant’s responsibility. The premium is calculated based on the effective date of coverage and will be collected through bi-weekly payroll deductions. Missed premium deductions will be collected on future paychecks.

Contact the GA Benefits Office at (352) 392-0003 or gabenefits@admin.ufl.edu to report a qualifying status change.

Use of the Student Health Care Center (SHCC)

It is recommended that GatorGradCare participants in the Gainesville area contact the Student Health Care Center first for routine, non-emergency medical and pharmacy services. Although there is no referral requirement under the plan and you are not required to utilize the Student Health Care Center, use of the SHCC may result in significant savings for routine care.

To schedule an appointment at SHCC, call (352) 392-1161. More information can be found on the SHCC website.

Mandatory Health Insurance (MHI) Information

If you are eligible and enroll in GatorGradCare, this coverage meets the UF mandatory health insurance requirement. You do not need to do anything else after submitting the GatorGradCare enrollment through the enrollment site and agreeing to the mandatory health insurance requirement policy through your student account.

Because of the timing, you will see the charge for the school-sponsored plan on your student financial account until GatorGradCare eligibility is confirmed. You should not pay this charge or complete the MHI waiver because the MHI charge will be removed once your GatorGradCare eligibility is confirmed after the drop/add period.

Address Changes

Promptly notify the GA Benefits Office of any changes to your mailing address by emailing gabenefits@admin.ufl.edu, or by completing this form.

COBRA—Continuation of Coverage After Termination

COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) is a federally mandated program that allows continuation of the medical benefit at your expense based on the following qualifying events:

  • Termination of employment (for reasons other than gross misconduct)
  • Divorce or legal separation
  • Employee’s death (for eligible dependents)
  • Covered employee becomes eligible for Medicare
  • Child ceases to be eligible for coverage under the plans

Once the GatorGradCare plan coverage terminates, Florida Blue will send a COBRA packet by postal mail to the address on file. If your mailing address has changed, please email gabenefits@admin.ufl.edu immediately with your UFID and new address to ensure timely delivery of important insurance information.

Pre-doc Fellows

To participate in active GatorGradCare coverage, pre-doc fellows must be appointed as a GA/TA/RA with an FTE of .25 or greater.  Students appointed exclusively as pre-doc fellows (no GA/TA/RA or GA/TA/RA with FTE less than .25) may participate in the United HealthCare student health insurance plan.

Active GatorGradCare participants who terminate their GA/TA/RA appointment due to a transfer to a new pre-doc fellowship appointment may elect GatorGradCare COBRA coverage based on the termination of their GA appointment. The University of Florida or applicable funding source will pay for individual/single coverage only for the duration of the pre-doc fellowship appointment, provided the pre-doc fellow appointment is entered in the UF PeopleSoft system and the student receives a stipend bi-weekly through the UF payroll system. To elect this option, please contact the GA Benefits Office by emailing gabenefits@admin.ufl.edu.  COBRA enrollment is not automatic and enrollment must be completed by the COBRA election deadline.

Contact Information

For questions regarding plan coverage or claims please call Florida Blue Customer Service at (800) 664-5295. (This is the telephone number on the back of your insurance ID card.)

For local assistance with questions regarding plan coverage, contact one of the on-site Florida Blue GatorCare representatives as follows:

Kelly Maloney (352) 594-3354 Kelly.Maloney@bcbsfl.com
Kelley Thomas (904) 244-9130 Kelley.Thomas@bcbsfl.com

To locate GatorCare providers, please check http://gatorcare.org/network or call (352) 265-UFMD (8363).

Enrollment and eligibility questions, qualifying status changes, and mailing address changes should be directed to the GA Benefits Office email gabenefits@admin.ufl.edu or phone (352) 392-0003. You may also contact us using this form. (Note: Address change requests must be submitted in writing.)