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FAQ for Donors

Will I get an acknowledgement for my donation (for tax purposes)?

Yes. All University of Florida Advancement donors will receive a written acknowledgement for their gift.

In what ways can I donate to Aid-a-Gator?

Credit card: Make a gift donation online.

Check: Checks may be mailed or delivered to:

University of Florida Advancement
ATTN: Aid-a-Gator – Emergency Assistance Fund
100 NW 20th Street
Gainesville, Florida 32603

Can I donate using PayPal/GoFundMe?

No, but donations can easily be made directly to Aid-a-Gator through the Emergency Assistance Fund on the UF Advancement webpage.

When can I make a donation?

Aid-a-Gator is now a permanent program, so you can make a donation at any time.

Can I direct my Aid-a-Gator donation to be used by a specific person, department, college or unit?

No. The donations being made to Aid-a-Gator through UF Advancement support all UF faculty and staff.

I love the idea of contributing to my colleagues within the Gator Nation, but I just do not have extra cash to donate to Aid-a-Gator. What else can I do?

There are different ways you can contribute to UF and the community that do not require money. Consider volunteer opportunities in the community, donating blood or donating clothes or household items you no longer need.

For general volunteer opportunities, visit Gators Volunteer or the UF Foundation. You can also check out local volunteer opportunities on Gainesville Volunteer and Volunteer Match.org.

Please also consider donating food or organizing a food drive to benefit the Field and Fork Food Pantry. The pantry is currently in need of grains (pasta, rice, oatmeal, etc.) and proteins (canned tuna, beans, etc.).

Why “Aid-a-Gator”?

Because GatoradeTM was already taken.