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Ready for the holidays? December leave cash-out Nov. 2–15, offices may close Dec. 24

If you are a TEAMS employee, you may be eligible to cash out up to 16 hours of vacation leave during the pay period of Nov. 2 to 15 if you have at least 40 hours of vacation leave remaining on balance after the end of that pay period. Eligible participants will receive the cash-out payment in their Nov. 21 paycheck.

Additionally, please note that although Monday, Dec. 24, is not a UF holiday, employees may use vacation leave that day with the permission of their supervisor. Units may also choose to close with the approval of the appropriate dean or vice president. Should they choose to do so, all of the unit’s leave-accruing employees will be required to use vacation leave for the day. Learn more.

Published: October 30th, 2018

Category: Benefits