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Have you recently received an underpayment notice on your optional life plan?

Employees enrolled in the State of Florida’s optional life plan who also received a recent pay increase, may expect to receive underpayment letters from People First, the state’s plan administrator, if they have not already received one. The state’s optional life plan is based on salary, and any changes will affect the premium and coverage amounts.

Because the state’s plans are paid a month in advance and UF’s salary increases were implemented retroactively in late August, affected employees’ optional life plans were underpaid for both August and September coverage. If you already received the certified letter indicating premiums were due and you have not paid the difference, your coverage will be cancelled. Please note that the letter will only reflect one month of underpayment.

Please note that although the letter from People First indicates “Second and Final Notice,” this may be the first notice you receive. As long as the premium payment is submitted to People First, the terms of the letter may be disregarded.

What can you do?

If you have received a letter from People First or expect to, you may take the following actions to ensure ongoing coverage:

  • Double the amount indicated in the letter to cover August and September underpayments
  • Pay the amount indicated for August and wait to receive the next notification to pay the September underpayment
  • Access your premium history through the People First online portal to review underpayments
  • Call People First to confirm the total amount due before paying

Payments may be sent by personal check made payable to “Division of State Group Insurance” or “DSGI” and should be mailed to: People First Service Center, PO Box 863477, Orlando, FL 32886-3477. Be sure to include your People First ID number along with a copy of the underpayment letter to ensure the premiums are applied correctly to your record. Payments sent to the UF Benefits office will be forwarded to the address listed above.

Questions? Contact University Benefits at (352) 392-2477 or benefits@ufl.edu.

Published: September 11th, 2014

Category: Benefits